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    London in Tier 2

    Alphabetical order, must be the best way, if your a season ticket holder. I’m not as live too far away, and travelling into London is a no no. Good luck to you all, & stay safe COYLIONS
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    Time to stop kneeling?

    Would never happen if the crowd was in the Den, to cheer the boys on coylions
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    Dominic Cummings n/w

    God help us if we had the other shower in, with Captain Hindsight in charge. It’s not perfect, but there fighting an unknown enemy, that’s invisible. Coylions
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    Phone call from Kavanagh

    The best way is to turn up and support the Lions. THEN if they do the knee, boo, make a lot of noise and show all our feelings, protest. I bet it doesn’t happen again at the den. after all I bet if there were supporters every week, it would all stop. coylions
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    Tom Bradshaw

    Hang on a minute, How much service did he get?
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    Alex Pearce

    I’m sure you know, a Millwall player is a bit special, they come from another planet, they have to have, aggression, passion, determination, and a very strong mentality. we have seen over the years some just don’t crack it. Yes mr Pearce seems to have that extra bit we require. Coylions
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    Preston manager

    Spot on my fellow Lion
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    I think a lot of players under Gary, have improved. Lennard, has improved so much, breaks up play in the middle, then passes it to woody, and he knows where the goal is. Scored a few nice ones. Coylions
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    Tired of this kneeling crap

    As you guys say, I’ve worked with black people, partied with them. No problem. I personally think they ( whoever they are) have made this racist / coloured situation worse. And what really piss me off, is our great club, have done more than any other club, to stamp out racism. Yet do we get any...