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  1. geezerone

    Just Back v Brum on iFlop

    We are lacking what other teams have in one or two tricky, pacey playmakers and resort to crossfield back, crossfield back, hoof after the defence is closed down. The pattern is so commonplace it's predictable. GR has to come up with something or someone to change the predictable patterns.
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    Just Back v Brum on iFlop

    Was going to say similar and stop after that paragraph 😃
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    Just so you know

    Happy birthday kev. 6-4 to us will be a nice present for us all here
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    Team v Reading

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    Saw the miss and his face, he knew what a chance it was alright but he doesn't care. Hardly coming down with competition to score goals. Blinding Harris signing he was like Brad.
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    I thought his twitter had closed too as I've seen him post before but no where to be found now.
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    Who gave him grief?
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    Just Back v Cardiff on iFlop

    Harris annoys me glad he's gone. GR talked on the interview again about bits of quality winning games. It's been clear for ages the squad is league 1 and lacks pace. Add in the size and weaknesses in 'shallow' (sic) then the multiple injuries after 2 weeks rest and it's a mess. SO the quality...
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    Match thread Millwall v Cardiff

    🤣🤣 Not a fan 🤔 gimpy haha Bart was always said to be poor at collection of crosses and it hasn't changed, seems less than confident but after his poor punching he ought to reconsider it!
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    Match thread Millwall v Cardiff

    Poor performance like an away side and Cardiff should have won on their chances. Harris knew how crap our players are, he signed most of them! After that unforced error by Malone he needs to go and not return and take bod with him
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    Mitchell out

    10 to 12 weeks GR estimated. Probably best to not rely on his return this season with two hamstring injuries
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    Black and white TV, manual tuner for each station and moving the aerial. Going into dumps to mess about, usually over a wall with barbed wire. Taking parafin street lamps inner tray to setup after dark camps
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    They can be better than a TV's sound but some more expensive TVs have non-tinny sound. Best to audition any if you can, I've listened to a few in Curry's which was on offer for about £150 and played music via BTooth from my phone and it sounded dull and lacking midrange, just more focused on...
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    Why Many Are Frustrated With Millwall...

    Exactly, the last two points we were very fortunate which GR conceeded too. Bar the loanee forwards (loans tend to be not the fittest and prone to injury) we haven't much quality to score with just a formation to stifle the opposition which, given our lack of attack/pace, stifles any chances of...
  15. geezerone

    Ju Back V Sheff. Wed. om iFlop

    Same, turned it off at the whistle. GR said ass said he was he being so chirpy about the bad tackle at the end and GR took offence at the lack of respect. He has a point but windyass is an idiot clearly
  16. geezerone

    The end of the world

    PC woke culture to BLaMe. Everyone looks to be offended so all things public are trying to go out of the way to not offend the latest PC trending pattern. Guess it's over for 007 then serving this nonsense.
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    Worst performance under Rowett

    Spot on bar a midfielder on loan from last season in Molumby. Problem is the squad hasn't been strengthened bar some out of shape loanees (now injured) but somehow GR expects results? Systems don't bring results, players do. Slow build up as everyone is back petrified of conceeding because they...
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    Alex Scott

    Diversity is the excuse (not reason). Positive discrimination to address bias. Yep, unbelievable!
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    What have we become ?

    The nasty player gave the finger to presumably one our the Millwall players walking away
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    Match Thread Sheffield Wednesday v Millwall

    Agreed, it's when the oppo score we're then in big trouble with his negative tactics