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  1. westlion 2

    snivelpool scum

    fuck the pair of em, specially scouse commie cunts
  2. westlion 2


    A truly dead player That's the way I like it a a ahh
  3. westlion 2


    happy days are here again the argie cunt is dead my friend happy days are here again
  4. westlion 2

    Sorry. But the Manager Has To Go....

    seems he's days are numbered
  5. westlion 2


    read it a couple weeks ago proper scientific look at things
  6. westlion 2

    Bath or shower?

    whats wrong with a flannel and soap at the basin
  7. westlion 2


    he gave the bride away, she said she is so proud her brother gave her away
  8. westlion 2

    Petrol and diesel RIP

    Tories are finished for me will never vote for those liberal cock sucking muzzie loving cunts again bring on a far right party for me call me a rascist i will start acting like one now you liberal globalists cunts
  9. westlion 2


    he now admits anti semitism was a problem under he's leadership so is allowed back in the students political party know as jew hating labour
  10. westlion 2

    My last ever game at the Den

    same as me mate no vaccine no millwall and anyway we bend the knee for no cunt only our queen
  11. westlion 2

    The Great Reset

    pukka idea
  12. westlion 2

    Scotland are back!

    good saves yer fucking travelling then
  13. westlion 2

    Andrew Neil’s Tweets regarding Philip Schofield.

    man is stronging it a bit kev
  14. westlion 2

    Scotland are back!

    me too a fucking peat bog in ireland
  15. westlion 2

    GB/USA. can we still be friends.

    and both believe in santa claus, the lib dems can hold their convention in a phone box since that whore swinton remember her
  16. westlion 2

    Simon Jordan

    there is but they cant get the cunt off of his knee
  17. westlion 2

    Danny McNamara

    the geezers a cunt
  18. westlion 2

    Students testing n/w

    should watch he mixes with it at the antifa recruiting grounds that are universities
  19. westlion 2

    The head of the met whatever her name is

    they have no care or thought for the dead this is just a stunt to get max publicity and show the finger to the normal thinking people fuck your lockdown look what we can do mugs carry on in your lockdown while we take the piss
  20. westlion 2


    no but are you being forced into operation, and are they using a drug barely tested and take the right to sue away if it goes wrong. why does this happen and why are goverment forcing people to have this vaccine if it works those that have are safe. and those of us who dont will die, let that...