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  1. Wippa

    Tired of this kneeling crap

    More offended by that than our players taking the knee
  2. Wippa

    Tired of this kneeling crap

    I know I’ll be in the minority here but I couldn’t give a shit. Doesn’t effect my day in the slightest. Just doesn’t trigger me. I think they’re misguided doing it, but it still doesn’t really bother me.
  3. Wippa

    Just Back v Preston on iFlop

    Thanks silver. agree what a lot have said though, Woods MoM for me.
  4. Wippa

    Match Thread Preston v Millwall

  5. Wippa

    The sun newspaper going woke

    That’s monkey fucked 😂
  6. Wippa

    GR explains

    Good points well made
  7. Wippa

    GR explains

    spot on. I love GR but he fucked up here
  8. Wippa

    Andrew Woods book

    Think he just scoured the internet picking up stories he’d read on there
  9. Wippa

    Free school meals- listen to this!

    theres a misconception that all the good food is expensive and all the shit is cheap. That’s rubbish. As I said above porridge is very nutritious (my kids love it with honey) and is pennies. You can get a big bag of spuds for a couple of quid. A broccoli for 50p. Bag of carrots for 40p. A dozen...
  10. Wippa

    Free school meals- listen to this!

    There’s always a big thing made about kids going to school hungry. You can buy a weeks worth of porridge for a child for about 50p. Bananas are 10p each. Apples 10p each. Loaf of bread you can get for 50 odd pence. If kids are going to school hungry it’s not because the parents aren’t being...
  11. Wippa

    Just back

    Condolences Kev
  12. Wippa

    If it comes in.....

    Had that. One in already.
  13. Wippa

    If it comes in.....

  14. Wippa

    Manchester scum

    That prick Dr Hilary stated that masks are nothing but a ‘comfort blanket’ a couple of months ago. Now he’s saying it’s vital we all wear them
  15. Wippa

    Manchester scum

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories but let’s not think the west isn’t capable of a massive over reaction in the face of some unfounded or perceived fear. We’ve got history for it going back a very long time.
  16. Wippa

    Manchester scum

    Spot on.... again lol
  17. Wippa

    When's it going to go wrong?

    Great post mate.
  18. Wippa


    If we’re going to pay off his contract anyway we might as well keep him just in case we hit an injury crisis. if we offered to pay up say half his contract but let him go elsewhere to earn some dough then that might be a fair deal. how long is left on his contract?
  19. Wippa

    West Brom Away (Cup) 1985

    Definitely. Got nicked at that night game at Birmingham 92ish? They gave me a right hiding in the back of the van and then back at the station after they’d charged me the Sargent on the desk said “stick this mouthy cockney cunt in with the blues”. Led me to the cell door and everything, all the...
  20. Wippa

    Manchester scum

    this is the thing. People have been so conditioned by the scaremongering media that they genuinely think this is some evil virus with a mortality rate on par with Ebola or something. If we don’t all lockdown and the virus spreads then millions of us will die!!! we need some serious perspective...