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    Turn it in tesco

    Utter bollox. With all that panic buying before hand? Theyre turnover no doubt declined while on lockdown but not the 2 weeks before hand! It was like Xmas 10 ten fold.
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    He speaks highly of you too Kev :LOL:
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    Maradonna also never got to play a part in Escape To Victory. Even one of our own did. Maradonna never got a look in ;)
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    So true. No one has come close to him in my eyes. Always will be my fave
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    Cant say he wasnt a stunning player. Not that I was fortunate to watch them live but old footage for me is Pele, Best & Maradonna. Messi has to up there along with Ronaldo for my time. Oh & Hurlock :grinning:
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    I'm Back xxx

    Welcome home Mama :) Hope GR & your favourite goalkeeper is making you the cuppa & serving your biscuits ;) All the best Mama xx
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    Malcom allen

    Beautiful memories. I remember buying the video of our 88/89 season & watching it over & over. But the later years were also smashing memories. Allen had a lovely pair of feet & Cunningham could half cross a ball as well! Cheers for this. Proper made me grin!
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    And all of a sudden, everything seems right with the world! MamaLion

    Beautiful news. Rest up Mama & keep smiling :)
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    Would you

    You mean you havent had Dot Cotton already? Fuck me pal catch up :grinning:
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    Wimbledon "Officially" cancelled

    Hope the wombles arent wombling free making uneccessary travels
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    Millwall FanTV

    If Im right in thinking he is only a kid gents. Fair play to him! Rather him doing this than sitting all day on a computer game. If he earns a few quid from it then good luck to him.
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    Rowett messages mama

    Absolutely beautiful. Theres no other club like ours is there! Well done GR & Fordey & to the club & most importantly to Mama Pat hoping you are doing well and this has perked you up :)
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    David Forde

    Massive round of applause for Fordey! Now thats class! Well done fella.
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    Where's all the money coming from..

    That nasty old scrag wouldnt donate the steam from her piss mate. She'll keep paying her nonse son though
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Your £50 note will be worth the same as mine Whiskey. Nothing ;)
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Its coming.
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    Where's all the money coming from..

    Its the good old money tree again. This is where money in the way we know it is fucked and has been for a very very very long time. Our money is not backed by anything. People still think its backed by gold but its backed by thin air & money is created to cause debt. Thats exactly how its...
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Agreed mate. 2030 is their target & openly state it, so its looking that way. By that time we'll have some transgender forward playing for us & we'll be singing "We know youve got a cock but we love you" at the den :LOL:
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Its around $6.5K at the mo & is likely to drop once more before it spikes again then finds decent support around $11K. Then itll move even higher from there. But I agree, its too volatile to be used as a day to day currency. Once it gets up to seriously high values, that will calm down I...