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  1. leFerne


    My all time best players : 1. Portuguese Ronaldo 2. Messi 3. Cheating Argie cunt 4. Pele 5. Cryuff 6. Best 7 Beckenbauer 8 Fat Ronaldo 9. Watch thief. 10. Hurlock.
  2. leFerne

    This furlough thing

    Multi millionaire Millwall owner shafts the British taxpayer, headline. I'm shocked he thinks this is a good idea. A really poor decision.
  3. leFerne


    As much as I try, I still can't forgive the cheating fat Argie cunt.
  4. leFerne

    Hows your luck

    3 nights caravan holiday on the Isle of Sheppy. Fucking gutted.
  5. leFerne

    I'm Back xxx

    Great to know you are on the mend.
  6. leFerne

    Queen's message

    You do know that people can have a different view to you? If they do it doesn't mean you have to be aggressive and insulting in return. Are you sure you're not Terry Christian?
  7. leFerne


    Talking about new hair clippers being delivered today.....can I suggest owners of such things do not in a moment of boredom, take the blades and associated gubbins out in an attempt to give them a clean. It's a fucker trying to put it all back together again.
  8. leFerne

    Queen's message

    Are you Terry Christian?
  9. leFerne

    Lord Bath dead

    Busy counting his money. Con artist.
  10. leFerne

    Non league football

    I'm not sure, gambling issues I think? He's playing in League 2 now I believe. Good luck to him.
  11. leFerne

    Non league football

    My eldest goes to that school and, yes, Paul Morgan is the Chairman and is staunch Millwall. Nice bloke. He arranged the pre- season friendly a few years back as part of the Harry Smith deal, was promised the first team would appear but we sent the under 23's. Royally fucked him over.
  12. leFerne


    I saw a jogger running towards me yesterday, my initial thought was if he doesn't move around me he's going to run straight into my fist. I then realised it was a woman and that would be out of order, as she got closer I saw she had a cracking pair of tits jiggling she got a smile...
  13. leFerne

    Non league football

    And .....and Dennis.
  14. leFerne

    Queen's message

    Look at you using facts and truth rather than the usual bullshit posted on here 😁
  15. leFerne

    Anti-Scouse Football Quiz...

    Northampton, Carlisle and Wycombe.
  16. leFerne

    Non league football

    Dover Athletic or Folkestone Invicta for me. I'm never bothered about the result just a chance to meet up with mates and have a beer. At Folkestone you can even watch the game from the terrace with a beer in hand.
  17. leFerne

    John Kelly-Southwark News

    I'm a bit in the dark here. What has he done or said?
  18. leFerne

    Scottish chief medical officer

    She shouldn't have had the opportunity to resign, should've been sacked by wee jimmy this morning.
  19. leFerne

    "We'll Meet Again"

    Exactly what I was thinking. Inspirational and we are lucky to have such a clever and articulate Head of State.