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  1. T28ColdBlowLion

    Too many games for footballers to cope with

    Yeah and that includes the jocks, the micks and the taffs
  2. T28ColdBlowLion

    Music can really help...nw

    Yep it's good - Slayer, Kreator, Venom, GBH, Exploited, Demon, Warlock, Iron Maiden, Gillan, AC/DC, Suicidal Tendencies, Megadeth, Slipknot, et al....all good thinking music..beautiful Music takes you back through the memories..vital for the sanity
  3. T28ColdBlowLion

    Too many games for footballers to cope with

    Wonder if this crisis will put some fucking perspective on just how lucky these "me, me, me, self self, self" premier league pampered snowflake multi millionaire footballers and their up their own arses managers who constantly moan that from the start of each season to the end of each season...
  4. T28ColdBlowLion

    Tin Foil Hat Time

    Totally agree LM. Been telling people since 2018 big global announcement coming in 2020. I have looked through loads of declassified docs over several years and "2020" came up many times albeit dispersed among thousands of pages. "2020" / "2020Vision" / "XX" / "Ops2020". References to 9/11 and...
  5. T28ColdBlowLion

    Loadsa money

    A Vaccine
  6. T28ColdBlowLion

    A glimmer of hope n/w

    Well said Ulster. Was saying to the kids this evening that in WWII our citizens had enough respect for each other to pull together and think of the wider issues thsm just "self, self, self". I think Boris is doing well in unprecedentedly challenging circumstances, and he actially does come...
  7. T28ColdBlowLion

    Sydney pubs closed from noon.

    I went to Australia once. Immigration officer took me to one side asked me if I had ever been convicted of s criminsl offence. I said sorry I had no idea it was still compulsory
  8. T28ColdBlowLion

    joke time

    There was a young man from leeds who had a bath in the fire. I said what to him what you doing? He said why, where's the bathroom? (When i was 16 i did a 4 year apprenticeship as a maintenance fitter and I spent about 4 months with the blacksmith. He was a fuckin nutter. He told me that one...
  9. T28ColdBlowLion

    joke time

    Porn brothers and slag brady addressed a vermin supporters group and asked - ok what do you think of about the football at west ham. Answer comes back....derr..yeah.....good idea
  10. T28ColdBlowLion

    joke time

    2 blondes walked into a'd have thought one of em would have seen it