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    United Ireland -Not wanted - NW

    better still deport the republicans and redistribute the wealth to those loyal to the union ulster can have mccleans house after its been exorcised and blessed by the arch bishop of canterbury
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    Holiday toaster wars..

    punch the kraut the frog will surrender
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    Man city womens team n/w

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    Getting shirty....

    sorry just sold it a bloke from up north called vodkacat gave me a score for it
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    Getting shirty....

    ive got one you could of had for a tenner
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    Just had a pay rise

    buy some rainbow shoe laces to fit in with the new wall image 🌈🌈
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    My 8 month old nethew

    best wishes poor little kid hope all turns out well
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    No soap?

    its either soap or a new player whats more important
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    there was a case at court yesterday regarding this sort of censorship the bloke won.beak says In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society.
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    I think it means a schofield
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    I got a speeding tickt in the post. NW

    do what the surrender merchants do go on strike
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    Worst accents

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    Deportations n/w

    ali khan
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    Swanley N/W

    did you take the wrong turning
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    Deportations n/w

    I don't remember inviting them though
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    Lewishambles and Croydon..

    too many whites but not for long
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    Krankie in trouble with Belgium police - NW

    all this thread needs now is ulster popping up telling us all he likes tossing hes caber
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    Krankie in trouble with Belgium police - NW

    the world is turning against oil becoming vegan shunning alchohol the future certainly looks bright for scotland
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    Krankie in trouble with Belgium police - NW

    let them keep it the way things are going no one will be using oil soon
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    morison to Cardiff

    there but the grace of god