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  1. partisan_lion

    Millwall v Birmingham

    If it's going a sparse crowd because it's being shown on Sky I winder if I will get a proxy letter from the club thanking me for turning up!.
  2. partisan_lion

    Corbynladen (again) n/w

    Just wish the Catweazle looking cunt would answer the question asked of him.
  3. partisan_lion

    My Daughter

    Nice one SEL..Congrats and enjoy the sleepless nights.
  4. partisan_lion

    Jimmy greaves

    Ian St.Jon "Ah,Greavsie yer kill me".
  5. partisan_lion

    Just Back

    I can't see Bradshaw scoring between now and the end of the season. Also,thanks for the Just Back WL.
  6. partisan_lion

    Dale Tempest big on the Lions

    That Shakespeare was royally overrated.
  7. partisan_lion


    I don't think any player should come back straight into the team that are playing well although I don't mind if it's at the expense of Leonard.
  8. partisan_lion


    Technology is just too cheap for some people.
  9. partisan_lion

    If you could choose?

    Vermin ain't going nowhere,just keep em on the back boiler until we get back.
  10. partisan_lion

    Andy Weatherall Dead! n/w

    The last night I ever went clubbing,sad as seems quite apt..
  11. partisan_lion

    Craig Ramage

    Drink driving...And we all know what alcohol does to you,shows you up for who you really are!,
  12. partisan_lion

    Andy Weatherall Dead! n/w

    Tragic news...Me and my son met him at a night at the Corsica studios at the Elephant.My son was 16 (7 hrs ago) Andy was trying to get the club to let my son in as he was under age..Decent bloke and willing to chat about both eclectic tastes in music. RIP Wevvers.
  13. partisan_lion

    Just had a pay rise

    Remember the old adage of Penny wise pound foolish and you'll go far!.
  14. partisan_lion

    Come on liberals you're missing a trick here! N/W

    The liberal remainers were hoping that all of the above would have wiped out all those Brexiteers around the country.
  15. partisan_lion

    The chairman

    That 10 million is to compensate what Leonard is worth.
  16. partisan_lion

    The chairman

    I don't agree that we are sorted in the midfield. If we don't sign Woods and Molumby goes elsewhere on loan,that leaves us with Williams,Leonard,Mitchell and Thompson. Thompson has now had two lengthy spells out and might not be the same player when he's back..Have I left any other CM's out?.
  17. partisan_lion

    Stadium Redevelopment!

    It's all well and good redeveloping the stadium,but to attract floating supporters/fans Wall or not,the content has to be of a decent standard i.e : the team,club shop,food outlets and any other razzmatazz bollocks that clubs see fit to put on,otherwise it will just end up like a trip to...
  18. partisan_lion


    I don't think GR is blessed with that kind of miracle touch!.
  19. partisan_lion


    GR appears to have wonders with some of our average players,so if he rates this player,he could turn out to be a shrewd loan/perm move...Eventually.