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  1. Bigherb77777

    Our Run In

    could not agree more lol !! We always loose to the strugglers
  2. Bigherb77777


    Reckon Cooper hasn’t got as many goals as the oppo are wise to him / often see 2 players on him - which does free up others think they are both very good players and going on past experience of centre half’s - we’re lucky both could probably play higher can’t moan
  3. Bigherb77777

    Stadium Redevelopment!

    He was right
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    St Mary’s Cray - now there a place .... once a shit hole always a shit hole- it used to be a police no go area - like the Lebbonon I’m fact I remember my yuppi mate waiting for the night bus and and going to his posh Aristo girlfriend “Here we are dear our bus to Plumstead” in a toffy ascent...
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    im local to Orpington and it’s always been rednecks vil - wouldn’t surprise me if there was a young blind and dum kid playing a banjo on the way to the high street etc lol!!! I know a couple of Africans who traveled down to Orpington from Lambeth - couldn’t believe it lol alghough I hate...
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    I thought it was New Cross when Leeds scored the 3 rd. goal still fucking gutted ☹️
  7. Bigherb77777

    Redevelopment including the Den

    Showed the Mrs she says ‘Looks like a shed’ 😳
  8. Bigherb77777

    Who is singing these 4 Millwall songs?

    I heard these lot - Wubble U - were Millwall and took thier name from millwuable u etc and another Millwall band used to get around New Cross and down Millwall
  9. Bigherb77777

    South Stand seating

    Obvious really.... it’s to control the crowd - so they know who is sitting where - if someone in row a 35 calls the keeper a cunt for 90 minutes they know it’s me ...
  10. Bigherb77777

    Coronavirus - NW

    They are telling us a load of lies I reckon - this is it. 500 dead 20,000 infected my arse - it’s a lot worse than that - they reckon it’s already mutated into a super strain which is more infectious - it could mutate again and again Reckon it will be here by mid March - running riot by...
  11. Bigherb77777

    EU ha ha - NW

    slightly changing the subject Lol ....... Don’t worry about Brexit this Wu Tang Clan virus will kill all anyway - us dirty coughing smokers are fucked - I’m sure this virus was created by bastard non smokers and vape companies yea and what do Us smokers do in the face of it ? When we’re on...
  12. Bigherb77777

    Happy Brexit one and all

    Biggest surprise was that this crock of shit gem wasn’t rolled out ... lol
  13. Bigherb77777

    Matt Smith gone to Charlton

    Ahhhh and funny enough that shows us all that actually how much we rate Smith as we would all have been a bit gutted ... emmm interesting - now if that was Elliot nobody would have even bothered to read the post as they would have given a toss - like the fella but we all know he is playing a...
  14. Bigherb77777

    Junior Tiensia

    Poor fucker - must have been for murder I’m still fucking gutted .... feel like someonehas literally sucked out my very soul put it through a mangle and butt fucked it side ways ☹ at least I’m feeling more positive than last night season ticket should come free with mental heath counciling
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    This bat video is proper dirty .... my old man used to say it all came from people having sex with camels
  16. Bigherb77777

    Match thread Leeds United v Millwall

    Loga pressed firmly to the side of the temple and pull the trigger ..... :(
  17. Bigherb77777

    Match thread Leeds United v Millwall

    Go on Facebook search Leeds millwall live - priceless lol !!!
  18. Bigherb77777

    Match thread Leeds United v Millwall

    Got to laugh - this live stream from some blokes front room is great - just keeps shouting ‘cheating northern cunts’ at the tv screen !! Get in
  19. Bigherb77777

    Match thread Leeds United v Millwall

    Anyone got a live steam link all I could find is a bloke streaming it live with a camera in his hand shouting abuse at the TV - pretty much like playing at home with my shit eye sight
  20. Bigherb77777

    Thank me later

    when it comes to metal I like a bit of class ...... seen em all back in the day