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    My 8 month old nethew

    Didn't know what I was more concerned with my nephew or the fact my dad's a raving racist and on national TV was going to go on a anti black,Pakistani rant or blame the virus on the amount of muslims we've got in the country .
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    My 8 month old nethew

    Just found out he's been put in isolation with symptoms of the coronavirus thought i was seeing things when I saw my dad giving a interview on the news .
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    Most Mickey Mouse competition ever

    I do like a caramel wafer couldn't give a fuck about jock football though
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    Worst accents

    That's strange i understood them straight away and deeply offended i was too.
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    Aftershaves / Fragrances

    Come on lads it's got to be blue stratus makes the girls all dizzy and light headed your half way there without even buying them a drink.
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    I can't get the fucking things off the screen.
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    Best football chants / song

    Funny as fuck when we used to sing, where's yer mama gone, to fash the bash .