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  1. Stowwall

    Ipcress File (1965) nw

    Thank fuck for that. Although if memory serves RA played in either green /red halves or quarters. Just them colours together.....................
  2. Stowwall

    Ipcress File (1965) nw

    My worst football experience as a nipper (primary school) happened in Kennington Park. Lost 24-0 to a school called Richard Atkins, some 50 odd years later still cannot see the colours red/green together without getting the shivers. Happy days.
  3. Stowwall

    Come on city

    Agent Moyes still doing a fine job. Long may it continue.
  4. Stowwall

    For Whisky

    Opposite to big.
  5. Stowwall

    Craig Ramage

    Don't forget Trevor Sinclair, called a copper a white cunt when he got nicked.
  6. Stowwall


    Be nice to turn them over. On a par with the likes of Barnsley, Bradford, Scunthorpe (play off excluded ). Always struggle to beat em.
  7. Stowwall

    PNE Win

    Somebody didn't get any last night.
  8. Stowwall

    Match thread Preston North End v Millwall

    Yeah. Pele today aged nearly 80 with hip problems.
  9. Stowwall


    Poor mare been found dead. What a waste aged 40. Despite being a bit bonkers regarding boyfriend. Clearly troubled.
  10. Stowwall

    Match thread Preston North End v Millwall

    Superb win and second half performance, deserved more if only we could finish. Still terrific win, could someone find a spare brain an insert into Coops head. Minor gripe. Well done lads and all those who braved the shit weather. Safe journey home. COYL
  11. Stowwall

    Match thread Preston North End v Millwall

    There in lies the problem we are not clinical like other sides. Gilt edged chances being missed. Oh well.
  12. Stowwall

    My 8 month old nethew

    Fingers x'd all turns out OK for the little fella and your family.
  13. Stowwall

    No soap?

    They'd probably say Coronation Street.
  14. Stowwall

    Manchester City Blues

    Agree to a certain extent. But wouldn't you just like a season up there messing them all up a bit. The folding that we would trouser would be good for the future of the club as well. Then we could return to our 'new' stadium and enjoy being the biggest small club in the world.
  15. Stowwall

    Match thread Preston North End v Millwall

    Anyone else getting an echo.
  16. Stowwall


    So that's where the club shop send them.
  17. Stowwall

    Match thread Preston North End v Millwall

    Be lucky if the game goes ahead. If it does COYL 2-1. If not hope the fuckwits in charge call it off early for those travelling.
  18. Stowwall


    Have to be suspicious. Shirts would have to be dodgy. Where would they get them from.
  19. Stowwall

    Team v Preston

    Have a feeling, hope not, that Smith will start in place of Bradshaw or Bod.