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    If cooper was better on the ball he’d have made the move to the premier league already. He’s already a very good defender but premier league teams want more than that now. I do agree that Hutch is an unsung hero in this team though. When he’s fit and sharp he’s every bit as good as cooper as a...
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    2019-20 League Ladders Game (38) Wigan (Away)

    2-0 wall away joker
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    Huski chocolate sponsorship

    They’ve a also got a super boat in their colours too I think
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    Easy Football Quiz to Start The Week....

    14/14, 58 seconds left on the clock. Using an older iphone so scrolling and typing was a bit tougher than I’d have liked
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    Match thread Leeds United v Millwall

    On top of that, whenever they’ve hit one straight at Bart he sounds gutted that it hasn’t gone in. And will he fuck off moaning about time wasting. It’s all the cunt has spoken about
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    Match thread Leeds United v Millwall

    This one is a massive cunt
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    Match thread Leeds United v Millwall

    This sky commentator is a cunt