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    Didn’t think you could be offside from a back pass?

    No one knows the off side rule now
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    Manchester City Blues

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    Final audition

    Good luck to her
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    Valentines Day

    My wife and I are doing something very romantic tonight. away Having a Indian take away with plenty of lager
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    Valentines Day

    How about To the most wonderful lady in the world, I love you Sorry
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    We need proper strikers

    Been saying this for years
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    You are joking

    Not again
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    All time Millwall team

    Brian King Ray Evans Kitch Colin Cooper Ian Cases Tony Towner. Turlock Cahill Gordon Hill Derek Posses Sherringham
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    A message to the European Union

    To the French, next time Germany invade you, don't call us
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    Gregory rumour...again

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    What a horrible individual-NW

    Brexitisum, should be arrested Why can't they just except it Must be Labour
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    Me too
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    What do you call...

    Don't you mean an aardvark West ham supporter with a broken nose etc