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    Lee Owen

    Thought he was from high Wycombe?
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    2019-20 League Ladders Game (37) Preston North End (Away)

    Preston North End 3 Millwall 1
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    Lee Owen

    Think he was sat in the West upper last night in a Romanian shirt with ‘Cagi’ 10er on its back.
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    Lewisham a&e FFS

    Bring out yer dead. Someone’s just jetted in from China with rwhites.and checked in at a&e. It’ll be a total blackout!
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    Didn’t they run us down Bromley hill after a big meet in the cemetery. Before we regrouped at the garden gate and smashed them in beckenham place park?*
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    Arsenal Youth Cup at Highbury

    Was at Highbury when we took the northbank in 77. Think we won 3-0. That was first team though
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    Ryan Woods

    Was more concerned by the trampoline style of new boots our defenders were wearing.also, gutting to say but their players were clearly far better than ours. Robson Kanu up top for us would sort the forward problem out straight away. And he wasn’t their best player either. Still, we’ve some good...
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    Another storm coming (this time in Ireland) N/W

    Might reignite operation Kathleen. This time though. We’ve got the bomb!
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    Anyone going to match tomorrow

    Wonder if Eric sorenson still has a bar nearby? Then again it was the 1970s when I holidayed up in Greenock with mates from there. Wee Janey, umm lovely.
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    Kirk Douglas Dead

    I’m deed either way. But as long as I’ve got my toe cap boots on I can go to Valhalla.
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    Kirk Douglas Dead

    Watched Spartacus last week. As close to my favourite actor as you could get. Told Er indoors I want a Viking funeral as well after watching young kirk getting killed by Eric. RIP Kirk
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    Fancy a new shirt?

    England shirt from game at the Den 1911 auctioned.
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    The old days

    Used to regularly bunk in at catford dogs. Behind the scoreboard ladywell Park end. Used to bunk in at ours on occasion too. The year they doubled entry price for nippers from 25p to 50p because of the trouble. Near the steps leading up to the halfway walkway from the CBL. Think there was an old...
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    The Chinese are being praised and rightly so...

    I did a Saturday job in the butchers there*
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    The Chinese are being praised and rightly so...

    Yeah I knew that. But it shows how the Chinese recognise a problem and swiftly act to deal with it. Corruption always plays a part in society. Look at human rights lawyers for a good example.
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    The Chinese are being praised and rightly so...

    Recognising the damage of population has on the earths resources. Introducing the one child rule. Something Richard Attenborough is calling for. They’ve built new hospitals in a week to deal with corona lemonade. And they’ve also got the answe to streathem...
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    Donald Tusk n/w

    Loved the way Andrew Marr dismantled Tusk this morning. Questions his, and his polish compatriots inexperience with the ways of democracy. Post 1990ers at this. He then really turned the screws asking Tusk about Poland’s hosting and involvement in the death camps during ww2. Brilliant. You’d...