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    Richard Burgon MP

    Makes Lammy sound like Einstein
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    Snot parker

    Blimey I bet he’s cried his eyes out today.
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    Superb performance

    Would have been 2 down in first 15 minutes but for a superb block by Romeo and a bad miss by them after that we grew into the game and played really well especially the second half very good performance.
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    Ryan woods

    A boat only his mum would kiss
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    Pity Lammy ain’t on the plane loud mouthed prick
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    We need proper strikers

    We will never be able to afford the type of players we need. We need scouts to get off their arses and check out all the local young talent playing in non league football. We have a big catchment area and too many slip through our fingers.
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    For the Love of God please stop playing Aiden O Brien.

    Outplayed today by a far better team.
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    FA Youth Cup

    Many thank Chris
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    FA Youth Cup

    What was our team this evening
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    FA Youth Cup

    Too much show boating
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    Fergie gone

    Funny he turned up in Sheffield today mores the pity
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    New signings

    Jury out on Woods certainly no oil painting
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    New signings

    Sorry I meant No signings
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    EU prisoners

    Figures at December 2017 (can’t seem to find any later figures) advise there are 4000 EU citizens in our prisons costing some 200 million pounds per annum. Why can’t we after 31st January return them to their own Countries on a regular basis in exchange for our citizens (numbers unobtainable but...
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    Prince harry

    Thick as a plank
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    League Ladders (43) Brentford (A)

    Any number for them definite 0 for us.
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    League Ladders (43) Leicester (A)

    5-0 Leicester (Wood all 5)