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    Where's Ulster

    I know you're not having a go.... I hope. I think there's a compliment in there somewhere, so thank you.... You're right though, only been to about 10 games, but geographical and financial circumstances dictated that, I'm afraid. But now with no mortgage, early retirement and 2 out of 3 kids up...
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    Dropping home points

    S She's not a bad judge.
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    No one to blame but myself. N/W

    I doff my cap to you, young man..... The mind is willing, but the body is weak.
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    Working days

    Getting paid for sitting on your arse, thinking of how I'm going to get into the knickers of the woman in the local newsagents..... Welcome to my world, big man.
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    The Irishman-a blinding new Martin Scorcese film based on a true story starring De Niro,Pesci & Al Pacino-on Netflix

    Heard there's some new film out about some Paddy who does a bit of house painting. Does any one know if it's any good?
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    Jed wallaces boots

    Ha H..... Yes mate, he played a blinder.... And no pointing. It was brilliant watching him smile again........ Cameo. I remember that bloke with the swollen red groin. Word up.
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    The sheep nw

    Ewe wish.
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    Dropping home points

    I thought we played superbly in the first half. Disciplined, excellent passing and running into space ( whereas a few months ago we'd have launched the ball into space). Just missing that finish. We're definitely getting there.
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    Jed wallaces boots

    I bought AOB 's......... They point in difference directions
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    The cost of a haircut

    My darling bride makes me cry whenever she tells me how much she pays to have her hair washed, dried, coloured, cut and styled...... I make her cry when I tell her that it's worth every penny when she looks as beautiful as she does..... Brownie points all week.
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    No one to blame but myself. N/W

    Fuckin' hell, poor fella. That would be heartbreaking....... He's a real good lad, though slightly insane. First time I met him I was convinced we'd end up in custody that night..... It was like an Inbetweeners episode..... I couldn't have asked to meet a more cracking character.
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    No one to blame but myself. N/W

    Absolute respect to you Obes. That's my type of family gathering..... And I thought all the Danes were good for was bacon...... I have to ask would you still be able to entertain a mother and daughter nowadays.?
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    No one to blame but myself. N/W

    Excellent. Keep at it. Only a few weeks of the silly season left, so take all you an........ Relentless..... See what you did there.
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    No one to blame but myself. N/W

    Thanks mate. Advice taken. Hope you're doing well, and busy a f coming up to Christmas.
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    That thing cant remember her name

    Try living here. Fucking murdering terrorist scumbags released in 2000, after some of them having only served 18 - 24 months. Cunts.
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    “Celebrities” who steal a living

    That's his West Belfast drawl. Fucking mong.
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    The cost of a haircut

    Number 0 all over. Lugs done too. Missus rubs her bosoms in my face deliberately as well. New customers welcome.
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    West End Shopping

    Lift his man dress and knock it up his soil stack. That would soon move the cunt.
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    No one to blame but myself. N/W

    Excellent. I'll bring the lube.
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    Son of Abbott

    She used to be twins - but ate the other one.