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  1. westlion 2

    First criticism of the gaffer

    sky pushing the take it up the arse agenda
  2. westlion 2

    “Celebrities” who steal a living

    every one of the left wing wing snowflake un hip cunts, and lineker most of all
  3. westlion 2

    sherwood tree botherers have sold out

    beat me to it dont matter 10,000 millwall in full voice will destroy the cunts
  4. westlion 2


    working tonight so will have to do with a monks chant on my own fucking destroy those norvern tramp cunts you lions
  5. westlion 2

    ulster turns up

    ulster was already in there knocking the fuck out of the geezers head
  6. westlion 2


    fucking stay there if he was trans gender we could call it calamatiy jane the cunt
  7. westlion 2

    ulster turns up

    knew he was upto no good the pervy cunt
  8. westlion 2

    London Bridge incident now a quandry

    You blag a van end up with 15yr my nephew was doing cash machines got weighed with 17.1/2 years cunt justice system
  9. westlion 2

    Please put 'NW'

    Yer names a lie yer miserable cunt😉
  10. westlion 2

    Beginning of the end for Sky?

    Championship is the third biggest league in Europe so can see big money being invested shortly
  11. westlion 2

    Poll time

    no lib dems good no green wankers good just six commie cunts shoot the bastards
  12. westlion 2

    The Chagos Islands N/W

    Fuck the un can go suck ulsters cock more chance than us giving it back leftie cunts
  13. westlion 2

    Search Party needed

    had text mate is ok waiting for his arse to heal from amterstadam apparenty his ring piece is the size of a man hole cover and and his colon has dropped out
  14. westlion 2

    Anyone seen the DUP leader?

    Arlene Foster is a proud unionist that will tell corbyn to go fuck himself great lady
  15. westlion 2

    geezer cracks me up

    this bloke nails it in song clever
  16. westlion 2

    Reasons to be cheerful part 3

    RIP to your Dad fella and condolenses to all family lost my dad a few years back dont realise how much you miss them till there gone
  17. westlion 2

    West End Shopping

    cheers mate
  18. westlion 2

    The cost of a haircut

    69 quid mine got a phillips do yer own no 3
  19. westlion 2

    Big Demo Tomorrow Against Trump and Nato

    should try out some new weapons on the cunts while there protesting left wing snowflake cunt munching turds
  20. westlion 2

    West End Shopping

    used smithfield as well you got butchers website will try it