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    Extinction rebellion

    So these scumbags want to save the planet but have littered London To death shit and pissed everywhere drove or got the train and hundreds get paid for attending, save the planet my Ass
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    Why the fuck was operation trident dissolved 70 deaths this year and the majority black on black, another fuck up while kids die and families ruined...
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    What the fuck is going on there as if siria hasn’t had enough shit, and the shit Americans has caused mayhem yet again...
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    Climate protests

    How the fuck are these soap dodging cunts able to do this, fuck me if this was anything to do with football we’d get batterd
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    It’s a funny old game

    Millwall beat Leeds Newcastle beat Man U Wolves beat Man City Couldn’t make it up...
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    What a win...

    If this game carries on until full time,for the players and fans..
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    Rory Stewart

    For mayor of London ain’t to sure but as long as sadiq goes not that bothered..
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    Question time

    Where the fuck do they find these cunts.
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    The best pie and mash??

    F,Cooke’s hoxton
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    Fair play to Boris at parliament question’s he proved himself against every party was assertive and strong !!!
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    David Cameron

    Called for referendum and lost slagging Boris and co, all to promote book , CUNT !!!!!!
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    Sh.t Scott’s

    So 3 Scottish high court nonce’s has said the prorogue off government is illegal what will these cunts not do too prevent us leaving..
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    Has gone and good fucking riddance....
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    Billy Myers

    Well done To all the people who turned out to raise a few quid for Billy’s funeral and celebrate his life you done him proud.....
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    Football lads alliance

    I’ve heard they are meeting at parliament square tomorrow at 12.00??
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    That narrows it down!!!!

    So a woman get her top lip bitten off at nottinghill carnival. Suspect was black with short black hair.. lol
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    If you don’t go

    You can’t comment blinding...
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    Operation trident

    Is trident still in operation?
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    Millwall best player

    Teddy sheringham for me...
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    Who was our best manager ever?

    George Graham ....