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    Unfortunately think it's game over

    I really don't see Harris being replaced even though I want him to go. Berylson just wants to get his money back with the regeneration. We will be in bottom three come November and relegated come March.
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    Match Thread Millwall v QPR

    I thought we played well with ball on the ground, but no end product, not sure where we ho from here. I believe it now to be a combination of poor tactics and poor players. Might pop in haters arms for a couple..
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    Match Thread Millwall v QPR

    There magically better attack just bore fruit
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    Match Thread Millwall v QPR

    Two teams cancelling each over out, they look marginally better in attack then us.
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    Match Thread Millwall v QPR

    Just not filled with any kind of confidence, sad ain`t it when you lose all confidence in your own team so early on.
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    Team v QP ha ha

    I give up on any predictions, so early in the season and i`m usually well looking forward to the game. yes I will be there as normal but losing passion for the current state of the team and management, just like BREXIT. score prediction with a heavy heart, a QPR win.
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    Player changes

    It`s really a catch 22, hoofball or re structure.
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    Match Thread Blackburn Rovers v Millwall

    Even a conference team would of got shot of the management team by now. How long do we wait b4 it's to late.
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    Match Thread Blackburn Rovers v Millwall

    Can't help thinking we have papered over the cracks with new players, I truly believe it's all down to tactics and that only comes from one place.
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    Why didn`t Harris take the Huddersfield job.

    Could of solved all our negative play issues in one fowl sweep. Why did the bookies make him evens to take the job, is there something we don`t know.
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    Insolent Bercow Shames Parliament

    Here Here, watched it to about 12-30 last night, what a disgrace the lib dems are, could you imagine if they got in and revoked article 50, I would imagine it could start civil unrest. And the SNP leader well, why don`t we give them independence thy have been after it for donkeys years, lets see...
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    Brexit - RIP. N/W

    I say fck Scotland off, let them have their independence see how skint they will become when the EU steals all their money. If all the remainers want to be part of the EU, change your nationality and fuck off abroad and live.
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    Harris out

    I'm lost for words, just sitting on blackheath having an ice cream, can't think of anything constructive to say.
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    Match Thread Millwall v Hull

    This is shit, totally outplayed, leonard crap. Romeo skined by there number 11 all rhe time.
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    Are we

    I will be there, but I bet we concede in the last 10 mins with negative play.
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    Team v Hull

    I agree with west upper and lions met, I bet when I get to my seat in the south upper it will be williams and friends first on the team sheet.
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    Neil fined

    Should add another £5,000 fine for dodgy tactics
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    Get signing...

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    It could of been four, six ,eight

    But it wasn`t Mr Harris, there are only two variants in sport, win or lose, we lost. Now when I come to think of it a day or two latter all the big teams played a majority of their reserve team players which is the norm in this cup, but if you looked at our team put out I believe they were a...
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    Players reading this?

    Like it.