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    Not Platers or Haters - Serious debate only (challenge; no swearing allowed)

    We finished eighth because hes beloved aob got injured.he got lucky loaning marshall who was playing for a contract.Not because nh
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    Corbin and the sas

    the same one who wanted to give ira terrorists pensions
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    The last game I’ll go to until they get rid of the tactical clown

    Unfortunately weve already got someone with them skills
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    Haters Arms open 24 hours

    Cant see that being an issue for the foreseeable future
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    Corbin and the sas
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    jamie philpott

    If youre refering to eliott .Started like a brick turned into a breeze block
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    Don't think the triads are a problem for people who lived during the"troubles"
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    Not injured.just perverted
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    jamie philpott

    Are you suggesting a swap for Elliott ? If so I agree
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    Room 101 additions

    I can see why arthurs got two sheds,He fills them up very quick
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    when will we score 2 in the league?

    Then sit back and let in 3
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    Brexit - RIP. N/W

    Tony blair ?
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    Brexit - RIP. N/W

    "The EU is not Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan" better tell Guy Verhofstadt that.Apparently the eu see themselves as a new world order/empire Sounds very much like Nazi germany and imperial japan to me Starting with the annexation of N ireland
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    The Imaginarium

    VOR you need to get out more
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    The Traitors' Conference

    The eu now getting involved in a countries domestic politics.How democratic of them
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    Room 101 additions

    Obviously likes lilly allen though
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    Arthur Two Sheds Weekend Mission

    Leave boris for a bit, the rest legitimate targets
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    Sh.t Scott’s

    Personally I think we should go to the eu and say .We keep n Ireland you can have jockland
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    Old hag.

    are we talking about the lego dolls still