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  1. partisan_lion

    Unfortunately think it's game over

    Here's a novel thought, why not poach a mana And not forgetting that goal at Old Trafford and one of MotM on Mother's Day Massacre!.. Oh and class act for not celebrating his goal up at Goodison against us in the cup.
  2. partisan_lion


    He'll wish the Cowley brothers all the best before the game,while stating they have a strong side with ex prem players.
  3. partisan_lion

    Never knew that

    I didn't know that either, the bit about being a comedian that is.. About as funny, insightful and subtle as being repeatedly kicked in the bollocks.
  4. partisan_lion

    Millwall is changing

    There was a football documentary back in the 90's called Kicking and Screaming narrates by James Bollam. In it, Irving Scholar said "Football hooliganism was killing football and attendances were down and we had to do something about it and market the game to a new type of customer".. Enter BsB...
  5. partisan_lion

    Stop changing it

    Think you are giving him too much credit.NH is lost and trying out differing personel/tactics and formations hoping to stumble on the winning formula.
  6. partisan_lion

    Rugby World Cup

    Prefer league as the better of the two codes in my opinion.
  7. partisan_lion

    Match Thread Millwall v QPR

    Recently Thompson looks like the same player we sent to Portsmouth.
  8. partisan_lion

    Millwall is changing

    East Upper BLK 20 some bloke (not English) had his phone on charge with a battery pack and standing their in bare foot while his socks were neatly packed into his shoes..Weird.
  9. partisan_lion


    Yes I said NH was a cunt (never called him that before) yesterday on another thread and I won't make excuses (I did have a skin full) and as a manager this season so far I think I'm right this time.That game was another abject display with a flat crowd.What NH has achieved so far has been good...
  10. partisan_lion

    NH post match interview

    Good question although it's not my job to source/find or employ a manager.
  11. partisan_lion

    NH post match interview

    The 2nd goal kills it!.. Fuck off you cunt, there was still plenty of time and 5mims added to get something, but you and you your tactics made sure that nothing positive cod now come of the game. Do the decent thing NH and call time on your appointment. The first half was appalling from both...
  12. partisan_lion

    The last game I’ll go to until they get rid of the tactical clown

    I didn't count 13 mate and if there were I don't recall their keeper being made to earn his keep.
  13. partisan_lion

    Dirty players

    Terry's gonna get yer Terry's gonna get yer
  14. partisan_lion

    Dog breed.which is the thickest

    English Bull Terrier without doubt are as thick as shit but funny as fuck.
  15. partisan_lion

    Tea or coffee

    Coffee. I buy coffee beans and grind the fuckers myself. I can't stand tea.
  16. partisan_lion

    QPR’s Hugill and Wells

    I remember KJ being interviewed and being asked about the oppo and he said "I'm not here to talk about the other team, I'm here to talk about my team".. NH said he learnt some things from KJ, obviously not about interview technique.
  17. partisan_lion

    What do you think of the Third Kit

    One as in give her one.
  18. partisan_lion


    Would have thought the only dinosaur you would know Ulster is the Juggosaurus!.
  19. partisan_lion

    Team v QP ha ha

    Can't see that happening and he will have to come deep to pick the ball up as neither of the CB's seem capable of passing a ball.
  20. partisan_lion

    Style of football.

    Don 'Boring' Howe does come out with a telling statement about not one tactic or formation will win you games etc.