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    The last game I’ll go to until they get rid of the tactical clown

    We will suck it up, because we have been here before, and hope for better days. I would still be seeing the same old faces what ever league we was in.
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    Jed Wallace.

    The most disappointing thing for me about Smith was his constant diving.
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    Tea or coffee

    How about when they present you with hot milk to put in your tea KOJ.
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    Rugby World Cup

    Do let us know how she got on Leon. Here's hoping you had a great day.
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    Stop changing it

    I was with you 33 till you put Leonard back in the team.
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    You could have stated all your reasons without calling the man a cunt.
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    Your quite right mate, there is no need for the personal abuse of Harris, but there might well be need for a change.
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    The Worst of it.........………...…….

    Exactly what I was thinking Monkey. Some of our players are just honest, journeyman footballers, who sadly haven't got Championship class. Will a new manager be able to get a new tune out of them ? Who knows. The most shocking thing for me was the lack of atmosphere. The West London slags...
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    Tea or coffee

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    A Conundrum.

    So Smith has reached double figures for the last 10 seasons supporting Wall.? I never knew that.
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    Tea or coffee

    Bubbles is still in therapy.
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    Match Thread Millwall v QPR

    Well said.
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    Who is in a boozer now

    Your be shifting plenty when you have that ertha.
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    Who is in a boozer now

    Hipsters choice of bottled lager. Far superior to Fosters
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    Tea or coffee

    Hope you are drinking it out of bone China Stompie
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    Rugby World Cup

    The NZ game only sorts out which side of the draw them and S Africa go.
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    Oh dear

    How bizarre, the QPR Scaffolder has just been beaten by an Ulsterman.