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  1. PurleyLion

    2021-22 League Ladders Game (01) QPR (Away)

    Lucy_Mill QPR 0 Millwall 2 Lee_Mill 1-1
  2. PurleyLion

    Tyler Burey

    Good move for him and club👍
  3. PurleyLion

    QPR tickets

    Mine has arrived 👍
  4. PurleyLion

    Sam Quek nw

    Just read she’s going to be a Team Captain in the new Question of Sport that will be hosted by Paddy McGuinness🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ For as long as I can remember QofS has been a must watch programme for me but not now :shake::shake::shake:
  5. PurleyLion

    Team v QP ha ha

    Bart Danny, Hutch, Ballard, Cooper, Malone Jed, Saville, ?, ? Afobe ?,? any 2 from Kief, Evans and Leonard
  6. PurleyLion

    Sam Quek nw

    Completely and utterly useless 🤦‍♂️👎 As irritating as a delusional Palace supporter :shake:
  7. PurleyLion

    QPR tickets

    I think the problem here has been the late agreement/notification of our allocation. Normally tickets can be bought over 2 weeks in advance giving the Ticket Office plenty of time to despatch but this time they didn’t go on sale until last Thursday giving just 4/5 working days to envelope...
  8. PurleyLion

    Father & son n/w ish

    Ironically I don’t think Ian is their biological father.
  9. PurleyLion

    Ben Whittaker

    The bloke that beat him won everyone of his bouts 5-0. If my memory is correct, everyone of Ben’s victories was a spilt decision. Ben was well beaten in the final and should be proud of his achievements and thankful!
  10. PurleyLion

    But my agent told me I'm a star

    Fingers crossed Southampton offer him a contract and we get compensation, with Portsmouth and Watford giving him the miss, my gut-feeling is he’s destined for non-League and if he ends up with us it’ll be money down the pan, ala Fred!
  11. PurleyLion

    QPR tickets

    I emailed the Ticket Office. They’ve told me I should receive it Thursday or Friday but if I’ve not received it by 2pm Friday I should contact them and they’ll arrange for a reprint to be collected at QPR 🤞
  12. PurleyLion

    Father & son n/w ish

    I seem to remember, ex-Arsenal and Man U, David Herd's father was also a decent player.
  13. PurleyLion

    Father & son n/w ish

    Was an exceptional player until injury ended his career :thumbup:
  14. PurleyLion

    QPR tickets

    Have those of you expecting QPR tickets via post received them yet? I'm still waiting!
  15. PurleyLion

    Lewis Hamilton n/w

  16. PurleyLion

    How many on here are actually from south east London born and bred ?

    Born Bermondsey, brought up in Walworth/Kennington and went to school in Lambeth. Moved to Purley 46 years ago but still very much a Sarf Lunden boy👍 PS: Don’t know where I was conceived 😉
  17. PurleyLion

    2021/22 Prediction Thread

    Mid-table 😔
  18. PurleyLion

    Just back

    Did Pigott play for them? Could he have been the final piece of puzzle for us or did he look like a League 1 journeyman?