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    snivelpool scum

    fuck the pair of em, specially scouse commie cunts
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    A truly dead player That's the way I like it a a ahh
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    happy days are here again the argie cunt is dead my friend happy days are here again
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    Sorry. But the Manager Has To Go....

    seems he's days are numbered
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    read it a couple weeks ago proper scientific look at things
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    Bath or shower?

    whats wrong with a flannel and soap at the basin
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    he gave the bride away, she said she is so proud her brother gave her away
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    Petrol and diesel RIP

    Tories are finished for me will never vote for those liberal cock sucking muzzie loving cunts again bring on a far right party for me call me a rascist i will start acting like one now you liberal globalists cunts
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    he now admits anti semitism was a problem under he's leadership so is allowed back in the students political party know as jew hating labour
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    My last ever game at the Den

    same as me mate no vaccine no millwall and anyway we bend the knee for no cunt only our queen
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    The Great Reset

    pukka idea
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    Scotland are back!

    good saves yer fucking travelling then
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    Andrew Neil’s Tweets regarding Philip Schofield.

    man is stronging it a bit kev
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    Scotland are back!

    me too a fucking peat bog in ireland
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    GB/USA. can we still be friends.

    and both believe in santa claus, the lib dems can hold their convention in a phone box since that whore swinton remember her