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    the thing is they are hitting easy targets the people who blatantly abuse the lockdown come mainly from the inner city high populated immigration areas and nothing is done to them so they feel the need to enforce on ordinary people to get numbers and statistics
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    one i dont listen to bullshit news from msm two they are saying a lockdown could go for six months 2 this is not just about lockdown this is about our rights being taken without a fight and no idea when we will get them back ergo you cannot say when we will be back to normal the same as i...
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    mate it's each to there own on this but the statistcs dont add up i aint into conspiracys but this just dont seem right now they are saying deaths the last three days is getting lower why talk about a six month isolation
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    after watching this there a are a lot of inconsistencies with reporting figures and the actual figures italys death toll his the same as it is under normal conditions so who is contributing this virus to it
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    cant understand the bitterness between the two boards am on both as a lot of others and enjoy the banter of both, and would not pick one above the other
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    Things you don't see anymore nw

    immigrants obeying the law
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    The 'isolated and need help' thread

    Millwall family watching out for millwall family
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    Thousands on the streets in India

    See Indian ob outside a mosque with fuck off sticks whipping the cunts as they came out
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    We really have dodged a bullet N/W

    Italians burning eu flag saying we will fight this ourselves all over Twitter Cunts know their project is dying
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    The thing you need right now most but can't get/ have N/W

    give ulster a shout
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    Sanity amid the madness

    icke has been bang on the nail with stuff just how he presents it msm have done a hatchet job on him
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    air fryer ovens

    your better with the power one mate you can check it while cooking and has got better reviews 149 quid
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    air fryer ovens

    hark at you a full head of hair is two strands to you yer cunt