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    Match thread Millwall v Sheffield Wednesday

    Well done Wall !!! Proud of you today, in sao paulo talking to the barman teaching him fuck em all! get in there !! Have to put up with corinthians and palmeras here for now...
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    What's The Beef At Goldsmiths? N/W

    Fkin Ell!! what have they done?.. Live mostly out of the country now so haven't been there for years. I still remember the Castle and the Man of Kent as boozers.
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    What's The Beef At Goldsmiths? N/W

    Still a Wimpey in Eltham High street I think. Frothy Coffee in a mug, mixed grill et all.
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    Best Toilet Cubicle graffiti

    Written in bt karzi many moons ago when I worked for them "For all the shithouse poets that die, there shall be erected in the sky, a statue to show their guilt and wit, a great pile of steaming shit'"
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    Great Movie Scenes

    Stander is excellent - Based on a true story about a South African cop in the 70's who turns rogue. Well worth a watch. I wont spoil the scene as there are so many.
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    Most Favourite Away game?

    Was that the Moralee goal in the 1st minute? I was there also, mental day.
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    Most Favourite Away game?

    Chelsea away 85 FA cup defo they didnt know what hit em! Also Chelsea away about 77 when we drew 1-1 although I was only about 14 and went with my Dad. first fun I had away was Pompey away about 1980/81 Mad day !!
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    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong great place, worked out there a few times, Lan Kwai fong was my favourite. Leon did I not meet you in Al's diner there, memory going as I was pissed up no doubt?
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    Who's Next

    Well I certainly Won't get fooled again!
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    Parades in NI

    Excellent thread!! and I have learnt a lot from people in the know especially Ulster. I too have Catholic roots as my Nan was from Cork but I could not give a fuk about the politics of it all. Religion unfortunately clouds any truth that the wank media put out there.
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    Underrated bands.

    Tomorrow belongs to me, great sahb album. Stone the crows also were a great band superb musicians
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    mccririck dead

    I remember that as well, always thought he was a cunt after that.
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    Frank Lampard

    As much as I could not give a fuk about Chelsea and been involved in some fun times in the 80's with them, my estimation on Frank Lampard went up when he called that cunt James O'Brien up on his radio show and made him look a complete nob.
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    James Brown Defender

    Latest reports fron him say quote "I feel good!"
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    Ashley Young

    I think would be a touch too much leading us to a highway to hell.....