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    I have decided to become a youtube superstar

    Is that a wig.
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    Being that the barbers is a no go I’m going for this style

    I've seen you walk, I thought you were related.
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    With great sadness.

    RIP. Another lion sleeps.
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    Bill Withers RIP

    Which he did.
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    Media doom mongers - NW

    They actually stopped showing the press briefing last night so the could show their news bulletin. And SKY this morning having a decent and informative conversation with some Swedish Prof Bod about how they are handling the situation, and just cut him off mid flow because they were going to...
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    Media doom mongers - NW

    Agree. Do you think any of them actually listen to what answers the representatives of the government say during current and previous broadcasts. Keep asking questions that have already been answered. It's like they've got a script that they stick to and haven't got the brains to think on the...
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    Media doom mongers - NW

    Peston, as well as being a badly spelt Lancashire footballing outpost is a bumbling fool.
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    Hand gel - NW

    Think that's for different kinds of cracks.
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    Fill up with petrol while you can

    Might piss off those on the other carriageway but I'll shut me eyes and give it a go. No fun at the moment, cos not much traffic about.
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    Fill up with petrol while you can

    Supermarkets where I live are way cheaper than rural ones. Some bloody petrol companies need a serious slap. 2 Esso petrol stations on A127 opposite one another, the one heading towards the M25 is always 5 or 6 pence if not more higher than the one going in the opposite direction.
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    Fill up with petrol while you can

    These will be the rural petrol stations which tend to be independently run, and are generally expensive. It will be very sad for those involved. But once again this is the media trying to whip up panic in the public. They can't wait for people to start panic buying at the pumps so they can...
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    Season 1 Episode 1 Name A Better Series Opener

    Sooty show.
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    Not all bad news......NW

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    Free food parcel just arrived ............ N/W

    The White side of nth London has put some 550 staff on furlough. And they intend to claim the £2500 for every employee back from the government. You telling me that Daniel Levy, highest paid chief executive in the Premiershit, and their multi millionaire players couldn't cover the staff wages...