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    We don't have a problem with Islamic paedophilia gangs in Huddersfield now...

    Half the priests are nonces. Mad how bods go nuts about this, then to a church where most likely the priest has molested a dozen boys. People will say “why assume”. Had a vicar come to my primary school as a kid, turned out was a nonce. (Not even a priest). It’s everywhere. Extremities in all...
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    what is the littlest things...

    Someone should of cut me.
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    where will be in 5 years?

    Wasn’t wrong.
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    Millwall Derby live stream Get in eioeioeeio
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    Ain’t forgot, just gonna write up a doc with links and stuff!

    Ain’t forgot, just gonna write up a doc with links and stuff!
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    Just see this. Will give you a proper message with details tomorrow!

    Just see this. Will give you a proper message with details tomorrow!
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    QPR, an example of the financial mess clubs could get in without the Financial fair play regs. nw

    Wolves are gonna be the next QPR. A season in Prem for 5 years of mediocrity shit and debt, with players playing for a wage and not the club. Half of em you won’t see for 2 seasons but be on 50k.,
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    Refuse to pay tv licence

    Just have Netflix loaded. In case you’re watching and they listen prior. Can’t prove it, then switch to that.. or get the laptop out and YouTube up with a random video beforehand. They have to catch you in the act. Before answering just click the plugs off.
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    Be wary of VPN's re-watching football.

    Watched most home games from a website last year. Every game was on it. It’s a camera they use at The Den for highlights/linked to sky sports or whatever and whoever streams. No commentary. Free too. Be wary about putting your digits in. I consider myself pretty savvy on the internet and...
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    Spurs ticket for TigerLion

    Most of you know him on here... Chap has been waiting for years and years that one day we get the Yids at WHL. The one at the top, he wanted to cross of his list. Unfortunately first year ever, he ain't even a member (like most tbh ha). Out of everyone, if there's a ticket going round some...
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    what toilet paper do you use n/w!?

    i prefer andrex feels so good after a big chit! and after a wank dosent scratch your foreskin what tissue do you use?
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    i need help n/w....!

    at liverpool st 2moro morning im going to get a pancake meal but dont know wheather to pay the extra 30p for a coffee i need help now!!! :wtf: :wtf:
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    oh my god!!..........

    im aa rebel without a cause i just had achit and didt use tissue after ........yes it was a hrd one loool! !! :shades: jokin by the way :wave:
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    i just had...

    last nites ruby for brekkie nnniiiccceee!!! :bananna:
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    where will be in 5 years?

    me personally league one