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    Nazanin Ratcliffe nw

    And I should care why?
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    The Governess will be gone next, replaced by a one legged lesbian midget,of mixed race
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    where's KEV

    Bruce Murray Brian Dear
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    Brewing Stories N/W

    My uncle died when he fell into a vat of beer, funny thing is he got out twice to have a piss
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    Shamima begun

    Appeal dismissed 😀😃😄
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    They need protecting from charlton

    And to think those northern pricks stick them down their trousers
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    Gordon Ramsay game show

    I was gonna watch it, then i remembered I had some paint I had to watch dry.
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    Pick 3 only

    Bart Jed Evans
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    Match Thread Luton v Millwall KO 7- 45

    Bradshaw ,Bod & Romeo, as useful as a nun's tits.
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    Club shop sale

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    Daily laugh

    I'm reading a book about anti gravity, I just can't put it down.
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    Long time lurker

    He cant spell, must be old bill :police: