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    Maybe we’ll send them some players on loan as part of the deal? Billy Mitchell could thrive down there, look at how Thommo came back after his time with a promotion chasing team
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    Rowett Interviews

    This is a very good interview, I particularly like his comments on the emergency transfer window being scrapped. He talks about the U23's being your 'emergency loan' players and I think he has proved he is not afraid to put the U23's on the pitch albeit for small amounts of time.
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    January Transfer Links

    They've definitely seem him mentioned on here and used that as their source hahaha
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    January Transfer Links

    meant to be back to fitness this month
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    January Transfer Links

    Trainspotters apparently sniffing around him, must be all that newly invested cash they've got from their new owner:whist:
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    January Transfer Links

    Not too convinced on that Hippolyte, not a bad player at that level but he's not exactly lighting up the leagues. Alot of his goals have come in the Scottish Championship probably english equivalent of L2 at best.