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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Your £50 note will be worth the same as mine Whiskey. Nothing ;)
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Its coming.
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    Where's all the money coming from..

    Its the good old money tree again. This is where money in the way we know it is fucked and has been for a very very very long time. Our money is not backed by anything. People still think its backed by gold but its backed by thin air & money is created to cause debt. Thats exactly how its...
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Agreed mate. 2030 is their target & openly state it, so its looking that way. By that time we'll have some transgender forward playing for us & we'll be singing "We know youve got a cock but we love you" at the den :LOL:
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Its around $6.5K at the mo & is likely to drop once more before it spikes again then finds decent support around $11K. Then itll move even higher from there. But I agree, its too volatile to be used as a day to day currency. Once it gets up to seriously high values, that will calm down I...
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Took a tumble with the rest of the market as the big cheeses converted everything to fiat. But Bitcoin will rocket after the halving thats coming up late April - Early May.. (Sorry for the technical term for it)
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    I hope so too mate. I reckon by 2022 itll all be gone. Lets make the most of it:grinning:
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    Contactless payment increase is a lie

    Not for much longer I hate to say mate.
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    The Neil Harris Stand?

    We can put a statue of him outside the haters arms. Always an idea
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    Paul Ifill

    Great player for us. Could have gone on to much bigger things too. Lovely pair of feet on him!
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    Gluton for punishment

    Made my morning that did. Little cunt wasnt so big laying on the floor was he. Hope he fucking rots.
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    German State Finance Minister Kills Himself

    One of many to come & already happening but wont hear about it. People who suffer from mental health will find this time hurrendous. My old man has said for years "if I find the green button to blow this world up & leave animals & nature Ill fucking press it" We used to laugh but sadly, I...
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    Peckham Bluds

    Was this in Peckham? Its not clear if it was so just want to clarify:grinning:
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    Things you don't see anymore nw

    Happy Liverpool fans celebrating being prem league champions.
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    Thousands on the streets in India

    I remember at the end of 2015 I think it was, the president (pm whatever you want to call him) came on tv and announced 2 of their bank notes was made worthless. People who didnt have access to a tv or internet didnt know what was going on & were fleeced out of their money by selling goods to...