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    Tyson Fury ITV Documentary nw

    A family man and a bit of a 'case' fought his demons and won....great viewing hope he beats Wilder...
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    They are a guaranteed 4 or 5 points for us...need to stay down
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    Chelsea at the bridge

    29th 7pm.....
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    Anyone going to match tomorrow

    Tom Brighton played for Millwall and QOS only connection I can find
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    Anyone going to match tomorrow

    Who was it?
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    Anyone going to match tomorrow

    That's good in the 1950s my dads regiment was based in Carlisle used to to QOS games.Remembered Celtic fans getting thrown in the river!. Good away point?
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    Anyone going to match tomorrow

    Who you supporting Morton or QOS? Went to Cappielow wi' Hearts in the 70s.
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    One rule, man u/ city

    Ground closure anyone? behind closed doors?
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    Happy Burns Night

    How's Thatcher doing ?
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    Best football chants / song

    Song sung to Hibs in 70s 'Eddie Turnbull had at farm E IE IO! ..and on that farm he had some pigs..with a Stanton here and a Blackleyvthere...Fenian Bastards everywhere! ...
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    Best football chants / song

    It's nice to know your here! Fuck off!
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    Happy Burns Night

    Signed for West Ham
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    Happy Burns Night missus adds a wee bit of chiili to the Haggis drinking 'Buffalo Trace' Bourbon ....Burns night celebrated by my Confederate friend in Tennessee ...still flying the Rebel flag....
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    Wonder what their gates will be as a mid table championship side?
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    Best football chants / song

    'We're gaun tae Easter Road for some fun ...when they see us there their sure to run ...we chase them roond the terracing ..we are the Gorgie Aggro! Remember chasing the Hibs fans onto the pitch . We left the ground with 5,minutes to go walked through the streets and went back into the the...