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    Extinction rebellion

    So these scumbags want to save the planet but have littered London To death shit and pissed everywhere drove or got the train and hundreds get paid for attending, save the planet my Ass
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    This is not a joke........why you can trust the BBC

    Dirty pedo employing lying cunts !!!!!
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    Czech Rep v England

    As for our bottle throwing supporters what a load of two bob cunts it’s never bothered me but they don’t even fight just chuck and run Not England off old
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    Best thing that could happen as now the septics might be forced to intervene. X
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    Why the fuck was operation trident dissolved 70 deaths this year and the majority black on black, another fuck up while kids die and families ruined...
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    Unbelievable and with the chance of isis prisoners escaping could filter into Europe..
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    Turkey wants to be part of the eu so thank fuck we are wanting the opposite or would be dragged into this as this can only get worse.
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    Donald trump has done his self harm here with his own country and Europe, unbelievable
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    This is exactly how hitler started fucking shocking.
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    Danny Dire on Poxy BBC1

    Absolute prick
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    Thanks to America they have caused shit storm isis was 99% beat but now have a chance to regroup.
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    Thing is tel the kurds fought along sides America and now the turks are bombing the shit out of them including a prison isis fighters are been held around the perimeter wall hence chance of escape
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    I agree but leaving it to the Turks will reunite them
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    What the fuck is going on there as if siria hasn’t had enough shit, and the shit Americans has caused mayhem yet again...
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    Back to Brexit :) - NW

    I think the eu are shitting themselves as it’s going to harm them as much as us ,