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    Match thread Millwall v Preston --- Tuesday KO 7pm

    Get fucking in
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    Luton manager

    Sent face by mistake
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    Just heard Ralph mctell

    He actually wrote it about Paris while busking there, but rewrote it when he came home
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    Match Thread Luton v Millwall KO 7- 45

    Don't worry Williams is on to save us
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    The Church of England!

    Sorry but why are you surprised, nothing else to say
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    Old charlie boy ( royal )

    Thought the same as most, that on here we go rich privileges and no I'm not a royalist. But the guidelines are it's up to the hospital to if they allow visits albeit in a safe manor there £2000 a night says yes, our oh you peasant means no fuck off can you see your relative. but can't condem...
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    Match Thread Millwall v Wycombe Wanderers KO 3pm

    Why's Jed blasting, only had to lift it into open fucking goal
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    Teams you hate that little bit more

    Sheffield fucking Wednesday had my head split open by a plain clothed copper on the Ilderton road end 79 I think
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    Match thread Millwall V Birmingham City KO 7pm

    Cashed out in 88min for £7.75 put it on man city 4-1 might be able to cash out and get my tenner back lol
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    Match thread Millwall V Birmingham City KO 7pm

    Definitely agree, plus I had a tenner on us 3-0 at 16/1
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    Daily laugh

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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Valleyfan2 3:54PM Well done Thomas Sandgaard and all who fought the spivs and the conmen , a great great day in the history of Charlton Athletic. Now to start reversing the Millwall stats I for once hope Millwall don’t get relegated so we can smash them next year when we are back in the...
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    What business man would buy a shop that he couldn't open to the public ? It will be months before or if this happens. I can see a lot of timetables ripped up in a scary manner by our little friends down the road
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Fuck when did they get wives ? Oh you mean sisters