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    First, last, best, worst, most like to visit football stadium

    1. The Baseball Ground 2. New Den 3. The old Den 4. Southend 5. A C Milan
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    Dinner thread

    Risotto with bacon leek and mushroom and a splash of white wine.
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    The Russians

    And what an education it is!! :innocent:
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    It's never ending.

    Sorry to hear this Herman.
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    Only A Game.

    I think he'd suffered enough political maulings, bless him.
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    Jehovah witness

    They're more arrogant and conceited even than the Jews believing they're the chosen ones of God.
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    The Oddest, Or Most Exotic Place You've Worked

    1973 I was a dustman in the Barbican and Hoe areas of Plymouth.
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    I’m going shopping tomorrow

    Some right Casanovas on here! :D:D
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    This Season....a Realistic View

    Roll on the cricket season..........ooops! :(:(
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    Anyone else thinking that 1,000's of fans have seen their club's last ever game?

    How long clubs can pay their staff and players without much income amongst poorer clubs could be the death of some of them. Without billionaire owners there'll be many folding.
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    Great Britain Plc

    Not everyone happy with Boris. Was sent this by a friend from the Guardian:
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    The 'isolated and need help' thread

    Disgraceful, sorry to read that, Den.
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    Peter Whittingham RIP

    Bye-bye Peter, bless you.
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    Is it racist to blame the Chinese for this mess?

    Bat highways are quite common nowadays - so they can get over roads safely apparently.